Should I Get A Tailored Suit?

Clothes make the man, according to Shakespeare, and that definitely applies to a suit. Wearing a good quality suit gives an immediate and positive impression; the instinctive assumption is that a man wearing a good suit must be successful, confident and prosperous. A really high quality suit can also make you stand out from the crowd and be noticed, something that may be useful for that job interview or important social event.

Buying a Specially Tailored Suit

For many men, buying a suit specially tailored for them is the ultimate in looking good and dressing well. Although there are many places all over the world where you can buy a suit that's designed to fit you perfectly, Savile Row in London's Mayfair district is still the place to go. Tailoring has been an important trade in the street since the late 18th century, and today a london tailor in one of the several men's exclusive outfitters can measure you for a custom suit. Of course, getting a suit custom made for you will cost more than buying one at your nearest department store, but is actually more affordable than you might think.

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Boost Your Self Confidence 

And the feeling of confidence and self esteem that comes from wearing a high quality and perfectly fitting suit is hard to beat. A good London tailor can make sure the suit fits you perfectly in all those awkward places; many men actually find it surprisingly difficult to buy a suit that fits them or that looks good on them.

Choosing a Suit For a Wedding

Firstly, don't rent your wedding suit; a good suit is an investment that can last you for years and can potentially be worn many times at other occasions. The ideal wedding suit complements the bride's dress rather than tries to outdo it, and of course it's imperative that the suit fits perfectly. Even if you don't spend a lot of money on the suit itself, it's worth the extra expense to have the suit adjusted if needed. Traditionally, wedding suits are black, grey or dark blue and you may want to consider your own colour and complexion when buying a suit for a wedding; a light grey suit may look better on someone with light colour hair, for example. Don't be afraid to try on a suit and see how it looks and feels - sometimes, you instinctively know it's the right one.

Choose a Suit to Match the Theme

Your suit should also match the theme of the wedding, and the overall colour scheme if applicable. If the ceremony is taking place outdoors, a lighter coloured suit is acceptable, rather than the traditional grey or blue. A three piece suit looks good on most men, and if you wear a suit every day to the office, it looks and feels different. And the right accessories are just as important too, including a tie that matches your suit and isn't too loud, as well as matching shoes and belt.